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Our Structural Pest Control Board Registration: Van Hooser Enterprises PR4166

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Pest Control Industry Resources

RISEResponsible Industry for a Sound Environment:  Facts about pests, the threats they pose to health and safety and how pesticides used to control insects, weeds and pathogens can be used safely and responsibly.

Additional Pest Control Information Resources

Bed Bugs – Information on controlling bed bugs in your home by

Bed Bugs – Steps that can be taken to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home from

Brown Recluse Spiders – Think you’ve got brown recluse spiders in your California home? They’re likely not the brown recluse.

Wood Destroying Beetles – Information on structure-infesting wood-boring beetles from Texas A&M University

Study Suggests Rats Capable Of Feeling Regret Over Poor Choices – Article about research from scientists at the University of Minnesota