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Pain-free Termite Inspection, Termite Report, & Pest Control Services

We know you want a reliable pest control control partner to help you get your real estate transactions completed on-time...without a lot of drama. And, we know you'd rather have an Termite Report that is not bogged-down with useless filler. We get it.

So, here's what we'll do for you...

We'll prepare accurate Termite Reports for your properties without all of the unnecessary filler that typically fattens-up the reports - but, really just slows everything down.

Image of real estate sold sign used on a page describing termite inspections and termite reports

Close the Real Estate Transaction with a Pain-free Termite Inspection & Termite Report from Van Hooser Enterprises

Oh...and our real estate agent partners enjoy our express VIP service where you go to the front-of-the-line for the next termite inspection slot. And, we'll turn the Termite Report around for you as fast as humanly possible.

Express scheduling. Quality termite inspection. Lean and accurate Termite Report.

Sounds pretty good, right?

And, that's why smart real estate agents choose Van Hooser Enterprises (VHE) as their pest control partner. And, so should you. Together, we team up to get you a timely termite inspection...and a Termite Report free of all the fluff and filler content.


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Contact us now at (408) 536-0550...and let us take the pain out of the termite inspection process for you.

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