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Our Full Range of Pest Control & Structural Repair Services

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Our family has been serving San Jose CA since the 1940s

San Jose pest control company Van Hooser Enterprises provides the following pest management services for homeowners and businesses:

Our family has been providing pest control services in San Jose CA (and much of northern California) since the 1940s.

Pest Inspection

We provide general home inspection for pests and wood-destroying organisms. Though we have worked hard to become the go-to pest control company for termite inspection and termite treatment, we also have a great deal of experience inspecting for:

  • Ant Infestation
  • Beetle Infestation (Wood-Boring Beetles)
  • Bed Bug Infestation
  • Flea Infestation
  • Moth Infestation
  • Mice infestation
  • Rat Infestation
  • Roach Infestation
  • Spider Infestation
  • Termite Infestation

During the course of our pest inspections, we often find various kinds of structural damage caused pests – and we often uncover water, mold, and rust damage. Check-out our videos to see examples of what could be happening in your home.


Image of Termite Probability Map (Source: publicecodes.citation.com)

Image of Termite Probability Map (Source: publicecodes.citation.com)

The “Termite Probability Index Map” shows that one of the heaviest concentrations of termite activity is in California. It is highly likely that subterranean termites, drywood termites, or both are slowly destroying your home. Think of the homes you’ve seen in your area with termite tenting. Wood termites can cause considerable damage to a home.

Trusted Pest Control Service Partner

The US National Park Service places its trust in Van Hooser Enterprises Inc (VHE) to protect one of its most prized possessions…the Balcutha ship in San Francisco Bay. Call (408) 536-0550 today to get your home inspected by Van Hooser Enterprises!

If you’re a real estate agent, check-out our Real Estate Agent services page.

Pest Treatments

We provide both traditional and integrated pest management (“green”) pest control treatment. And, you should take comfort in knowing that we will not recommend treating your whole house when we believe that a localized, spot treatment will be effective for your specific pest control situation.

Termite control and termite treatment services:

Each termite infestation is different…and, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to termite treatment with us. If we believe a spot-treatment will be effective for your situation, that’s exactly what we’ll recommend. And, if you prefer a more “green” solution, we’ve got you covered, too. Our termite treatment services:

  • Termite fumigation for drywood termites infestation – We do not perform a fumigation off of another termite control company’s termite report because the other termite inspection company may have missed things or may have made recommendations that really aren’t that effective at exterminating termites. One of the ineffective recommendations we’ve seen is recommending that termite foam be applied to the wood surfaces or simply sprayed into wall cavities. That doesn’t work that well because it only treats the surface. Naturally, the termites are in the interior. So, we inject foam into the wood for maximum termite extermination. 
  • Treatment for subterranean termites – We’ll set up a structural barrier for your home. We locate the termite infested areas, then trench into the soil in exposed areas and/or drill holes into the foundation. Then, we’ll inject termite control products into the trenches and holes.
  • EPA “Reduced Risk Pesticide Program” treatment – Our “green” pest control services are also known as integrated pest management. And, we can employ these for spot-treatments. We’ll remove termite-infested structural wood and replace it. And, we’ll use EPA Conventional Reduced Risk Pesticide Program chemicals…like Orange Oil, Altriset, Alpine, Diatomaceous Earth, Mother Earth, etc.
  • Pest-free Guarantee service – We’ll kill the drywood termite and subterranean termite colonies that are destroying your home. But, because we live in one of the heaviest concentration areas for termite infestation, they will likely be back to begin attacking your home all over again. With our Pest-free Guarantee service, we’ll set-up a perimeter barrier to protect your home. We’ll visit your home periodically to our inspect traps. As soon as we see the termites have come back, we’ll treat the affected areas…which takes-out a whole new colony of termites. Smart homeowners choose the Pest-free Guarantee!

  Call us today to take advantage of our termite treatment services!

Rodent Control and Exclusion (mice & rats)

For rodent removal, we begin by thoroughly inspecting the area to determine the entry point(s) the rodents are using to gain access to your structure. Depending on the specific situation, we will control the rodent problem with either:

  • Rodent Traps – We will trap and remove the rodent(s).
  • Rodent Repellent – Also known as “baiting”

We will also seal-up the access points to prevent other rodents coming along from re-gaining access to your structure. For heavy activity areas, we can set-up traps or repellent to keep the rodents in check. Choose Van Hooser Enterprises for your rodent control problems.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have come onto the scene in a big way. They’re in the news…they’re everywhere. As people move about in the world, they unintentionally bring bed bugs home with them. It’s not a reflection on you, it just happens. You may not know that bed bugs do not respond to traditional household pesticides. And, you need to get rid of them before they multiply. That’s where we come in. Call us right away to eliminate your bed bug infestation!

The Other Pests (ants, fleas, moths, roaches, spiders, etc.)

Most homeowners take advantage of our every-other-month service to treat the perimeter of their homes for general pests, such as ants, fleas, moths, roaches, spiders, etc. We’ll also treat yellow-jacket infestations using a combination of spot treatment and routinely removing nests that re-appear under the eaves.

  • Every-other-month general perimeter treatment
  • Spot treatments
  • Crack-and-crevice service
  • Nest and web removal

Contact us now to arrange for our every-other-month perimeter treatment service!

Home Structural Repair for Termite Damage and Fungus Damage

Our team is experienced in handling all types of repairs for structural damage caused by wood destroying organisms, water, and dry-rot. Call us today to take care of your structural damage caused by termites, water, or dry-rot!

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