Spider Infestation And Treatment

How to Spot a Spider Infestation in Your Home—and What to Do About It

Image of wolf spider

A wolf spider (courtesy of Wikimedia)

Spiders are one of the most common pests found in San Jose, California homes. 

Many species of spiders are found in homes in this area, including the black widow, wolf spider, and house spider

Each of these spiders has its unique characteristics.

And they can cause different types of damage and problems for homeowners in San Jose.

Problems a Spider Infestation Can Cause for Homeowners

Spiders can be a nuisance for homeowners in San Jose, California

They can get into food and beverages, build webs in hard-to-reach places, and even bite humans if they feel threatened.


Spider infestations can also cause structural damage to homes, and increase the risk of other pests entering the home.

Image of a black widow spider in San Jose CA

A black widow spider

Spotting a Spider Infestation

When it comes to spiders, the first step in addressing an infestation is to be able to spot one. Spiders hide in dark, secluded areas such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces. They also like to build webs in corners and around windows and doors.

It’s important to keep an eye out for any webs or spider droppings, as these can be signs of an infestation.

How to Treat a Spider Infestation

DIY Treatment for Spiders

Home improvement stores typically have insecticide sprays , powders, and glue traps to treat an infestation of spiders. 

Be careful that your small children or pets cannot get anywhere near the treatment areas.

Of course, make sure all entrances to your home and garage are properly sealed. Repair any cracks that spiders can crawl through.

Image of a house spider in San Jose CA

A house spider

Professional Treatment for Spider Infestations

The best way to get rid of a spider infestation is to hire a professional pest control exterminator, such as Van Hooser Enterprises. We are experienced in dealing with all pest infestations and can provide the best advice and solutions for your specific situation.

Van Hooser Enterprises uses the latest technology and techniques to identify and eliminate spider infestations. We use a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments to effectively remove spiders and prevent them from returning. We can even take out the spiders hiding in other parts of your home that you may not even be aware of yet. We also offer preventative measures to help ensure that spiders don’t return.

The Best Way to Treat a Spider Infestation

Spider infestations can be a nuisance and can cause a variety of problems for homeowners in San Jose, California.

It’s important to be able to spot a spider infestation and take steps to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The best way to do this is to hire a professional pest control exterminator, like Van Hooser Enterprises.

We  are experienced in dealing with all types of pest infestations and can provide the best advice and solutions for your specific situation.

image of eric van hooser rat exterminator

Eric Van Hooser (Head spider exterminator at Van Hooser Enterprises pest control company in San Jose CA)

What to Do Now

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FAQs about Spider Infestation and Treatment

Q: What are the signs of a spider infestation in my home?

A: Signs of a spider infestation include seeing an increased number of spiders, finding spider webs or egg sacs, and noticing an abundance of insects, which serve as a food source for spiders.

Q: How do spiders enter my home, and what attracts them?

A: Spiders can enter your home through small gaps or cracks around doors, windows, pipes, or vents, as well as through holes in your home's foundation. They are attracted to warm, dark, and secluded areas that provide shelter and an abundance of food in the form of insects.

Q: How can I prevent spider infestations in my home?

A: To prevent spider infestations, seal any gaps or cracks around your home, keep your home clean and clutter-free to reduce hiding spots, maintain proper outdoor lighting to deter insects, and use screens on doors and windows to keep both spiders and insects out.

Q: What are the most effective methods for treating a spider infestation?

A: The most effective methods for treating a spider infestation include using glue traps, vacuuming or sweeping up spiders, webs, and egg sacs, and using insecticides or natural remedies like diatomaceous earth, essential oils, or vinegar. It's also important to control the insect population in your home, as this will reduce the spiders' food source.

Q: Are DIY spider treatments safe and effective, or should I hire a professional spider exterminator?

A: DIY spider treatments can be adequate for minor infestations, but proper application and safety precautions are necessary. If infestations are severe or you have concerns about venomous spiders, hiring a professional exterminator is recommended for more efficient and long-lasting results. Additionally, always consult an expert or professional if you're unsure about the best treatment options for your specific spider infestation.