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Pest Control News – March 17 2012

Springtime Termite Swarming

As we start sliding out of the winter months and the weather starts to get nicer, termites begin to become more active. They’ll quietly work along, multiplying, and preparing the next generation of alates (young king and queen termites) to leave and start their own colony. The number of alates will build up in mature […

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There are no Brown Recluse Spiders in Southern California.

Contrary to all of the recent hysteria around Brown Recluse Spiders and the danger Brown Recluse Spiders pose to humans, people in Southern California do not need to worry about the Brown Recluse Spider. Brown Recluse Spiders simply do not live in Southern California (Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, San Marcos)…

Take a good long look at these hissing cockroaches. What words come to mind? Meaty? Juicy? Downright succulent?

Can two people sleep in a bed, but only one get bitten by bed bugs?

Can two people sleep in a bed, but only one get bitten by bed bugs?

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Spring Could Bring More Rodents

With the winter having been milder than normal in the Northwest along with most of the U.S., you may have seen fewer rodents than usual as they had less cause to seek the shelter of homes and other buildings.
But that could change with the spring weather, because the mild winter also meant that fewer rats and mice died from natural causes, leaving more cold weather survivors…

The Ants Go Marching This Spring

The spring is quickly arriving and you may have already started to notice some pests waking up from their long winter nap, ready to get moving.   Because we realize that some the insects that might find their way into your home and onto your property this season could cause problems, the experts in pest control at Plunkett’s have identified a couple common springtime pests, both happen to be ants…

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Seeing Swarming Ants Can Be Good

With spring approaching, you may start seeing swarming insects in and around your home. If winged ant-like insects are among those you see, it can be a good thing. In most cases, the sighting of these winged “ants” in your home indicates the presence of termites or carpenter ants….Read Full Post

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Why do I have ants in my home? How do I get rid of ants?

Argentine ants are the common variety of ants we find here in Southern California. They are an invasive species that was brought to North America by ships transporting coffee. They are all part of one super-colony – all of the Argentine ants that are here smell the same. Since they smell the same, they don’t fight and knock each other out…

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